About Tshirtspot.com®

TS_twitter_profile5Tshirtspot.com® is owned by BDB Apparel Inc. and was established in middle Tennessee to provide high quality screen printing coupled with exceptional design work. In its initial stages, our target customers were Martial Arts studios and their related tournaments. Over the years the business has grown and expanded to include any individual or business desiring quality screen-printed product of exceptional value. Although we offer many screen-printed products, our specialty is silk screen printing on garments, primarily tee shirts and sweats.

Our reputation is built on the dependable high quality of our merchandise. Customers have come to expect a level of quality, durability and value that’s truly superior in the marketplace. We operate on the principle that what is best for the customer is also best for the company. As a result, customers have learned to expect a high level of service at all times from initiating the order, to receiving help and advice, to speedy shipping, and further follow-up when necessary.

Our client list includes familiar names and organizations that you know such as: Continental Airlines, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Home Depot, University of Miami, Duke University, Michigan State, multiple branches of US Military, and Vanderbilt University. We also take great pleasure in working with schools, restaurants, bands, theater groups, karate academies, churches, and families. The list is endless as these groups are the backbone of our business and not one more important than the other when it comes to our commitment to our customers.

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